Wednesday January 25, 2006

Recently spotted doing some testing in South Africa, the 599 GTB's official debut will be February 28th at the Geneva Motor Show. The shots aren't very big, but you do get a nice glimpse of the real product.

As you may have guessed, the last shot is obviously not from South Africa but in front of the Ferrari factory in Maranello.

Posted by: Gostt
Date: 1/26/2006 @ 02:35:09 PM
Leftlane News did a good job of photoshopping/cropping the little Rideroom watermark on the pics. Props on the quality work guys :P

Posted by: Bigman
Date: 1/26/2006 @ 03:25:24 PM
I saw that too. next time we'll add a watermark so big, you won't be able to see the pic!

Posted by: BradleyKurt
Date: 1/28/2006 @ 10:29:01 AM
I can't believe you guys just wantonly stole those photos and misrepresented what they were. The photos of the blue Ferrari were taken in SOUTH AFRICA, not in Maranello and they were posted first by Wheels24.co.za. You just appropriated them, made up a new story and stuck your watermark on them.

That's probably also where Leftlane News got them which is why the photoshop job is "so goog". Lame, honestly.


Posted by: Gostt
Date: 1/28/2006 @ 11:08:31 AM
I'm pretty sure that's not where we got the pics, one of the other news posters posted this story though so I can't say for sure. If the wheels24 link was known ahead of time the site should have been linked (which I just fixed) and I also fixed the location info. Chances are these may have been found on a forum with bogus info.

Thank you for the heads up on the source/location. We're not in the business of stealing credit for photos, etc. so if the source was known at the time of posting then it would have been linked/credited.

As for the LLN thing, you'll notice all their photos were cropped just above where the Rideroom watermark was except for the rear shot where shadow covered the bottom of the pic and the watermark was easy to remove. I have no beef with them, I just thought it was amusing. Also, give us a little credit, at least we don't delete comments like yours that show we screwed up. Some sites will do that :)

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