Friday March 24, 2006

When rollin' on 24s just isn't enough, a company by the name of Pimpstar has come up with new rims to take care of the not-enough-bling problem that so many people are having.

Pimpstar rims contain full-color LEDs that you can program using your laptop and a wi-fi connection to show an image of your choice on each rim. You can also pre-program each wheel to alternate between up to 6 images at pre-set time intervals.

What's that? You want to see these in action? Well you happen to be in luck because we've got a video of the Pimpstars in action right here.

Our favorite rim image from the video has to be "Hey Baby, Call Me". I can imagine the mad-dash for the cell phone when a lucky girl happens to see that on your rim.

Posted by: Gostt
Date: 3/24/2006 @ 11:10:48 AM
Since the rims can be "programmed" via wi-fi and assuming they catch on, you know someone will figure out a way to hack them. That would give the term "war-driving" a whole new meaning :)

Posted by: Bigman
Date: 3/24/2006 @ 12:36:09 PM
We're getting a step closer to Tron.

Posted by: CBRSoldier
Date: 3/24/2006 @ 12:44:50 PM
HAHAHA...Just when you thought it safe to drive again...out come the ballers with a new brand of faggotry.

Posted by: mike litt
Date: 4/01/2006 @ 09:48:15 PM
22" package with Pirelli tires ($12,500.00)
24" package with Pirelli tires ($15,000.00)
26" package with Pirelli tires ($19,500.00)

steep and are they street legal not that i would be in the market for these anytime soon..

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